AVGDeals Hammer Wooden Handle (2.20 lb / 1000 grams) | made of high-carbon steel with heat treatment, high hardness, good toughness and durable.


  • High-carbon steel forging
  • Heat treatment
  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Double Use


The AVGDeals Hammers are used for direct striking. In conjunction, they are particularly useful in industry (machinery, assembly lines, maintenance) and automotive service (engines, bodywork, tires). Aside from traditional fitter’s or ball hammers, some striking tools are specifically designed to avoid distorting, marking, or damaging the parts subject to striking.

The Hammer is designed with a square and slant head for double use.


  • Suitable For Industry, Aerospace, Aviation
  • Durable Wooden Handle For Strength And Comfort
  • Forged, Heat Treated Steel Head For Efficient Work